For undergraduate students: Distance education methods and available courses (25.03.2020)
March 25, 2020
Dear Students,
As you already know, distance education model will be initiated as of 30 March 2020 in our university.

At this stage, all theoretical courses offered in our Undergraduate Program will be taught via distance education. Also you are expected to carry out your ELE 401/402 Graduation Projects at home keeping in touch with your project supervisors. However, laboratory courses are to be held in the summer months at school if the outbreak is over.

Information about how to conduct exams will be shared with you later. Assignments, reports and other works to be given during distance education can be evaluated by the instructors as usual.

Distance education will be carried out in Moodle environment under the coordination of HUZEM, Hacettepe University's Distance Education Center. You will use the following address to access the distance education portal:

All students will automatically be registered to their courses by the Registrar's Office. In order to login to the system student id numbers will be used as username. For national students TC ID number's first 6 digits, for international students student id numbers themselves will be used as password. Once you login to the site you have to change your passwords.

Most theoretical courses will be delivered to you through the Moodle environment, whereas our department's own OGR system will continue to be used actively. In some courses, Moodle environment may not be used. For these courses, please be closely in touch with your instructor.

Our Department's Distance Education Coordinator is Prof. Dr. Cenk Toker, the Assistant Chair of the Department.

You can e-mail your questions regarding the courses given by distance education to the lecturer of the related course. You can send your questions / problems about the general functioning of distance education to e-mail address. In order to increase the readability of your e-mail, we kindly ask you to start the subject of your e-mail with [UE].

Our department has been using the OGR infrastructure for a long time and this system will continue to be used with the same intensity in the distance education process. However, courses you take from outside of the department will most likely be carried out on Moodle, and even if they prefer other platforms, announcements will be shared with you for the related course on Moodle.


- Regularly follow all announcements of all courses you are taking in distance education through the Moodle platform.

- Also follow the announcements from our department's own announcement system at your e-mail addresses that you have previously declared to the OGR. Check the announcements of each course you take on the OGR web site as well in case of any e-mail messages falsely falling into your spam boxes as previously mentioned.

- Regularly check the folders other than inbox, such as spam or junk folders, in the e-mail system you use.

- Make sure there are no problems in the e-mail system you use such as full quota, etc.

- Regularly visit the websites of the other relevant departments, especially the university’s main website, HUZEM, the Registrar’s Office and the IT Department, and always be informed about new announcements.

In our distance education process, some lecturers may also utilize real-time classroom meeting tools such as Zoom or Big Blue Button. Carefully follow the course’s own announcements on this matter.

The courses to be carried out with distance education in our department are as follows:

ELE110 Introduction to Electrical Engineering
ELE120 Computers and Programming II
ELE203 Circuit Theory I
ELE220 Circuit Theory II
ELE230 Electronics I
ELE244 Electromagnetics I
ELE301 Signals and Systems
ELE302 Probability Theory
ELE324 Telecommunication Theory I
ELE336 Microprocessor Architecture and Programming
ELE345 Electromagnetics II
ELE354 Control Systems
ELE401 Graduation Project I
ELE402 Graduation Project II
ELE403 Control Systems Design
ELE408 Industrial Control
ELE432 Advanced Digital Design
ELE444 Antennas and Propagation
ELE446 Microwave Techniques II
ELE452 Fundamentals of Medical Imaging
ELE454 Power Electronics
ELE464 Operating Systems
ELE491 Special Topics I
ELE492 Special Topics II

ELE294 Electronics (Service Course)
ELE296 Introduction to Electronic Circuits and Systems (Service Course)

AIT204 Ataturk's Principles & History of His Reforms II
FIZ140 Physics II
ING112 Integrated Skills II
MAN254 Fundamentals of Management
MAT124 Mathematics II
MAT236 Engineering Mathematics II
MÜH103 Occupational Health and Safety I
MÜH104 Occupational Health and Safety II
TKD104 Turkish Language II

Wishing you healthy days and success.