SEMINAR: 3D displays for immersive technologies, Dr. Özgür Yöntem, Dec. 26, 2019
December 23, 2019
Dr. Özgür Yöntem from Cambridge University, UK, will give a talk titled "3D displays for immersive technologies" on December 26, 2019 Thursday at 13:30 in our department's conference hall.
The abstract and a short biography of the speaker is below. All interested are invited.

I will introduce my work in image acquisition and display technologies, more specifically in 3D light-field imaging and display, True 3D displays, Augmented Reality Head-up displays, and will discuss the underlying challenges and proposed solutions. I will also give some insight to “holography” in the context of Immersive Technologies.

Dr Ali Özgür Yöntem received his BSc and PhD degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bilkent University, in 2006 and 2012, respectively. During his PhD, he worked in the EU projects “3DTV” and “Real3D” as a Research Assistant. He started as a Research Associate with the Engineering Department, Electrical Engineering Division, University of Cambridge between 2014-2019. Within the research group he joined, he worked in various industrial research projects in collaboration with several companies including Huawei and Jaguar Land Rover. He co-authored and initiated the 3D AR-HUD project with Jaguar Land Rover where he generated multiple IPs including 4 pending international patents. He also carried out his independent research on glasses-free 360-degree 3D displays which resulted in several publications and patent applications. Since early 2019, he joined the Rainbow Research group in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge. His current research focus is on Augmented Reality, HDR displays, novel methods for 3D light-field acquisition and display. He participated in the collaborative work with University Oxford, for the development of a novel HDR display. His research interests include digital image processing and optics, True 3D displays, human-machine interfaces, digital holography, light-field/integral imaging and display, free-form and 3D printed optics. His application areas include immersive technologies (augmented/mixed/enhanced reality), head-up displays, head mounted displays, glasses-free 360-degree 3D displays. He is a certified reviewer for various OSA journals. He has been elected as the OSA Display Technology Technical Group Chair. The technical group aims to organise events to ensure that the display community is up to date with the technical advancements in the field. The group has special interests in the 3D display technologies. He is also a Senior Member of IEEE.