Our researchers develop smart knee prothesis
March 28, 2017
A smart knee prothesis was designed within a project run by our department's faculty member Dr. Atila Yılmaz and his research team. The prototype developed estimates its user's preferences and automatically adjusts its motion parameters.
The prothesis aims to help users gain more self confidence thanks to its ability to adapt to their speed and walking styles.

Contributed by Dr. İsmail Şahin from Sakarya University, Turkey, Turkish National Scientific Foundation (TUBITAK) and the Turkish Government's Industrial Collaboration Program (SANTEZ), the project's research team comprises our department's graduate and undergraduate students Mr. Tuna Orhanlı, Dr. Kutuluş Erinç Akdoğan, Mr. Amir Sadeghimorad, Mr. Emir Tileylioğlu, Dr. Ökkeş Tuna Altınöz, Mr. M. Said Saraçoğlu and Mr. Doğukan Şahin.

"While there are similar products already available at the world markets, the hardware and software of this prototype has totally been developed in-house. This will reduce its cost down to one tenth compared to its competitors, and thus increase its availabilty to much more people in need after its industrial production begins.", Dr. Yılmaz emphasised.

Dr. Yılmaz also stated that the prototype would hopefully turn to an end-product after its industrial design and test stages were completed within a year.