Student project Synthetic Aperture Radar gets financial support from TUBITAK
May 1, 2017
Our students were awarded financial support by National Scientific Foundation of Turkey (TUBITAK) for their senior design project.
The senior design project is titled as "Synthetic Aperture Radar" and performed by our undergraduate students Mr. Murat Bahattin Özbek, Mr. Emre Güngör, Mr. Tahsin Mutlu, Mr. İhsan Enes Ceylan and Mr. Ali Sait Kaya under the supervision of Dr. Özlem Özgün. The project is funded within 2209/B program of TUBITAK. TUBITAK 2209/B program supports senior capstone projects that can find an application area in the industry.

Radars are widely used in various real-life applications. They can be used for distance and speed measurements (traffic speed meter / automotive sensors) or imaging (land mine detection / satellite imaging). Especially, SAR radars have wide applications in remote sensing and mapping of the Earth's surface.

The goal of the project is to develop a simple Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) in X-band for imaging of objects on ground. The SAR radar is mounted on a moving platform (such as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)). While the radar moves over a target area, an antenna system will transmit successive pulses of radio waves to illuminate the target scene, and the echo of each pulse is received and recorded. Since the antenna location relative to the target changes with time, signal processing of the successive recorded radar echoes allows the combining of the recordings from these multiple antenna positions. This process forms the 'synthetic antenna aperture', and allows the creation of images over the target area. The information obtained by the radar is delivered to a real-time ground station (PC), using a transmission protocol such as WLAN. The final outcome is a SAR radar system on an UAV with real-time sensor information delivered to a ground station (PC).

We congratulate all the students and wish them success in their future professional life.

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