New textbook: Digital Communications by Prof. Mehmet Şafak
May 2, 2017
A textbook "Digital Communications" written by our recently retired faculty member Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şafak is now on the shelves worldwide.
As described on its publisher's site:

"This is a modern textbook on digital communications and is designed for senior undergraduate and graduate students, whilst also providing a valuable reference for those working in the telecommunications industry. It provides a simple and thorough access to a wide range of topics through use of figures, tables, examples and problem sets. The author provides an integrated approach between RF engineering and statistical theory of communications. Intuitive explanations of the theoretical and practical aspects of telecommunications help the reader to acquire a deeper understanding of the topics. The book covers the fundamentals of antennas, channel modelling, receiver system noise, A/D conversion of signals, PCM, baseband transmission, optimum receiver, modulation techniques, error control coding, OFDM, fading channels, diversity and combining techniques, MIMO systems and cooperative communications. It will be an essential reference for all students and practitioners in the electrical engineering field."

Until his retirement in 2015, Prof. Şafak had given lectures on telecommunications in both undergraduate and graduate levels for many years at our department, along with his numerous research activities including MS and PhD theses he supervised, research projects he lead and national / international scientific events he organized.