Distance education due to COVID-19 outbreak (20.03.2020)
March 20, 2020
Dear Students,
Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and extraordinary conditions coming along, remote online education will be initiated in our university (and department) in accordance with the directives of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). The distance education is planned to start on 30 March 2020 and it will continue until a new directive by the official decision of Hacettepe University's Administration.

All theoretical courses will be held online. The timing and method of laboratory lessons that require practical work and presence have not been finalized yet, and a road map we will follow in this regard will be shaped in line with the decisions of our Dean's Office. However, preliminary works of the laboratories may be carried out remotely with the information given by our academic staff throughout the semester.

Your ELE 401-402 Graduation Projects should continue to be carried out even from a distance. Your project advisors will be in touch with you on how to conduct your studies.

Again, how the exams will be held has not been clarified yet, if the quarantine process is prolonged, the exams may also be postponed to the summer months. Together, we will wait for the uncertainty to disappear.

For distance education, we may also get help from distance education software and web sites provided by our university's Distance Education Center (HUZEM), and our department's own OGR system will be used for offline course material sharing and e-mail announcements. Lessons can be given both synchronously and asynchronously. Synchronous lectures can be held in real time by the relevant instructor through an appropriate distance learning software, while asynchronous lectures can also be held in the form of sharing the relevant course material with you beforehand and then creating sessions in the form of questions and answers. Our faculty members will determine the most suitable method for their own lessons and share with you. It is likely that the courses and / or question - answer sessions that need to be performed online will coincide with the hours of regular classes at the school, unless otherwise stated.

Our main communication tool will be e-mail. E-mails can be sent both to all students and only to students taking the related course. However, some e-mail providers (such as hotmail) may occasionally mark bulk messages sent from us as spam. This is not a situation under our control. Please enter the settings page of your e-mail system you use and make the arrangements so that it will not mark the from-addresses ending with and as spam. To solve this issue you can find many help documents on the net by googling.

As our faculty members complete their preparations, they will make announcements on the accounts of the courses, please follow these. The preparation process of some courses may exceed 23 March. However, we ask all our students to be prepared starting from this date. Some of our students may not have taken materials with, such as notes and textbooks when returning to their homes outside Ankara. Our faculty members will share their lecture notes with you considering this situation.

In addition, if software such as Moodle compatible with synchronous education is used outside of OGR, account opening and other information will be sent to you in advance. This includes compulsory and elective courses to be taken outside the department.

At this stage, we ask you to follow the instructions below:

- Check your e-mails frequently. For some reason, in case of some e-mails not reaching to you (falsely marked as spam, etc.), please check the pages of the courses you have taken on and check whether a message has been sent. A copy of all the messages sent for the courses is also kept on the relevant page on the site. In addition, if a change on the course's page made or an e-mail is sent, a warning message will be sent to our department's twitter account (@Hacettepe_EE) used for such automatic warnings, you can also check there.

- Please check our department's website for important announcements for all students of the department.

- Check the announcements to be made by other departments of our university via your e-mail addresses that you have declared to the HU Registrar's Office, on the university's main website and on the websites of the related units (HUZEM, Student Affairs Office, IT Department, department where you take elective courses, etc.).

- A desktop or laptop computer and an Internet connection are essential for distance learning. If you do not have your computer with you, you will need to have a PC where you are in the upcoming days.

No remote education will be started without prior notice. You don't have to worry. We only ask you to be ready from the date we have mentioned above.

You may have many questions about this process. You can write your questions and problems that are not specific to any course to by e-mail. However, it may be difficult for us to answer questions in person immediately. We can collect your questions for a while and provide a collected answer set by e-mail. You can send your course-specific questions to your course instructor. However, we recommend that you wait until an announcement about the course to be made. Some of our faculty members will need a preparation period to contact you, please take this into consideration.

In this challenging process, we remind you that it is very important to protect the health of yourself and your family, and we wish you health and success.