Theses & Dissertations
Theses and/or dissertaions supervised by Dr. Feza Arıkan
Found PhD Dissertation(s): 5
Found MSc Thesis(s): 10
#TitlePrepared bySupervised byLevelDate
1Development of Regional Ionosphere Monitoring Algorithm for Ground Based Augmentation SystemsMeltem KöroğluDr. F. ArıkanPhD2022
2Development of Random Field Model for Midlatitude IonosphereOzan KöroğluDr. F. ArıkanPhD2021
3Estimation of Total Electron Content and Receiver Bias for a GPS NetworkSinem Deniz YenenDr. F. ArıkanMSc2017
4Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Model and Simulation in IonosphereEsra ErdemDr. F. ArıkanPhD2017
5Application of Fractional Fourier Transform to Maxwell's EquationsIşıltan SayınDr. F. ArıkanPhD2016
6Estimation of Space-Time Random Field for Total Electron Content (TEC) over TurkeyMuhammet Necat DevirenDr. F. ArıkanMSc2013
7Statistical Analysis of Total Electron Content Using TNPGN and TNPGN-Active NetworkOzan KöroğluDr. F. ArıkanMSc2012
8Total Electron Content Mapping with Kriging and Random Field PriorsIşıltan SayınDr. F. ArıkanMSc2008
9Ionospheric Total Electron Content Estimation Using GPS SignalsHalil NayirDr. F. ArıkanMSc2007
10Calculation of Sea Background Radiance in the Infrared BandEsra ErdemDr. F. ArıkanMSc2007
11Performance Improvement of the Multiple Target Tracking Algorithms with the Incorporation of Doppler Velocity MeasurementFaruk KuralDr. F. ArıkanPhD2006
12Simulation of a Digital Communication SystemAlpaslan GüngörDr. F. ArıkanMSc2005
13Simulation of Sea Clutter at Various Radar FrequenciesNurdan VuralDr. F. ArıkanMSc2003
14A New Correlation Technique for Improved Interference Suppression for CDMA ReceiversHayrettin AyarDr. F. ArıkanMSc2002
15A New Method for HF Multipath Separation and Estimation of Arrival AnglesNihat YılmazDr. F. ArıkanMSc2000

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