Theses & Dissertations
Theses and/or dissertaions supervised by Dr. Cenk Toker
Found PhD Dissertation(s): 4
Found MSc Thesis(s): 23
#TitlePrepared bySupervised byLevelDate
1Estimation of Satellite and Receiver Instrumental Biases Using GPS DataMerve ArmağanDr. C. TokerMSc2019
2Deployment of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Base Station under Flight Dynamics ConstraintsMerve Çiğdem İpekDr. C. TokerMSc2019
3Beamforming for Multiple Users in Line of Sight EnvironmentsKayacan DizdarDr. C. TokerMSc2019
4Spatio-Temporal Spectral Analysis of Ionospheric MapsBüşra YılmazDr. C. TokerMSc2019
5Wideband Communication Techniques in the HF ChannelÖmer ÖzdilDr. C. TokerPhD2019
6Dynamic Resource Management in Future Radio Access NetworksÖmer HaliloğluDr. C. TokerPhD2018
7Compressed Sensing Based Channel Estimation for Multiuser Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output SystemsMevlut Özgür DemirayDr. C. TokerMSc2018
8Signal Processing Techniques for Narrowband and Wideband Virtual IonosondeMehmet KabasakalDr. C. TokerPhD2018
9Estimation of Doppler Shift for High Frequency (HF) CommunicationsGizem Arı ÖzcanDr. C. TokerMSc2018
10GPU Parallel Computing of Ray Tracing Algorithms for Modeling Wave Propagation in the IonosphereAtilla KaçarDr. C. TokerMSc2018
11Resource Allocation and Data Rate Increasing Methods for Next Generation Communication SystemsBarış YüksekkayaDr. C. TokerPhD2016
12Analysis of Clipping Noise in Visible Light CommunicationsAlparslan FişneDr. C. TokerMSc2015
13Optimum Uplink Power Control in Two Tier NetworksUygar DemirDr. C. TokerMSc2014
14Development and Application of Automatic Modulation Recognition AlgorithmsMerve DenizDr. C. TokerMSc2014
15Parameter Estimation for Communications SignalsSema KüsmezDr. C. TokerMSc2014
16Frequency Demodulator Architecture for Bimodal FM-AFMHıdır AşkarDr. C. TokerMSc2013
17Optimal and Suboptimal Resource Allocation For OFDMHasan AkbulutDr. C. TokerMSc2012
18Predictive Channel Estimation for OFDMZeynep YıldırırDr. C. TokerMSc2011
19Implementation of Analog Modulation Recognition Algorithms on a Software Defined RadioMehmet KabasakalDr. C. TokerMSc2011
20MIMO Modelling of Wireline Communication ChannelsÇelebi DoğutekinDr. C. TokerMSc2011
21Automatic Classification of Digital Modulation Methods in Communication SystemsZafer ÇobanDr. C. TokerMSc2010
22Data Communication over Power LinesAlpaslan YiğitDr. C. TokerMSc2010
23Admission Control in Wireless Networks based on Geometric ProgrammingMurat Kaan ÖzcanDr. C. TokerMSc2009
24Investigation of NLOS/LOS Classification Algorithms for Wireless Transmitter LocalizationÖmer ÖzdilDr. C. TokerMSc2009
25A General Framework for Multiuser MIMO Channel Shortening EqualizationBarış YüksekkayaDr. C. TokerMSc2009
26Resource Allocation for Multi-user OFDMCan TurguDr. C. TokerMSc2008
27Blind, Adaptive Channel Shortening Algorithm with Shortened Channel State Information (BACS-SI)Gökhan AltınDr. C. TokerMSc2007

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