Theses & Dissertations
Theses and/or dissertaions supervised by Dr. Birsen Saka
Found MSc Thesis(s): 22
#TitlePrepared bySupervised byLevelDate
1Design of a TEM Cell for the Measurement of Shielding Properties of Planar MaterialsSerhan KayıkDr. B. SakaMSc2018
2Design of Broadband Antennas in UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Band for GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) ApplicationsHakan ŞengülDr. B. SakaMSc2018
3S-Band Double Balanced Mixer DesignSoner ArıbaşDr. B. SakaMSc2018
4Design of a New Wideband Radar Absorbing StructureAli Ziya ÖzerDr. B. SakaMSc2018
5Analysis and Design of Ultrawide Band Direct-Fed Biconical Antenna with Radomeİsmail ÇorDr. B. SakaMSc2018
6Analysis and Design of Dual Band Microstrip GPS AntennaMehmet KüpeliDr. B. SakaMSc2017
7Miniaturization of Helical AntennasErtuğ ErdemDr. B. SakaMSc2017
8High Efficency Class-F Microwave Power Amplifer DesignFatih BayraktarDr. B. SakaMSc2017
9S-Band Combline Filter Design with Voltage Controlled FrequencyAkın ÖzkanDr. B. SakaMSc2016
10Shielding Effectiveness Calculation Of Structures With AperturesTunç Murat İlgarDr. B. SakaMSc2015
11Coupling and Radiation of Slot and Patch Antennas on Cylindrical SurfacesBaşak TulayDr. B. SakaMSc2012
12Design of Dual-mode Band Pass Resonator FilterAhmet ÖzdemirDr. B. SakaMSc2010
13Electromagnetic Interference Filter Design Compliant With CE102 Requirement For Parallel Connected DC/DC ConvertersErkan ÖnalDr. B. SakaMSc2010
14Slotted Waveguide Antenna AnalysisM. Hakan ÖktemDr. B. SakaMSc2010
15Highly Selective Bandpass Microstrip Filter DesignMetehan BulutDr. B. SakaMSc2009
16Performance Evaluation of the Adaptive Arrays for interference suppressionSerdar DeğerDr. B. SakaMSc2006
17Analysis of Scattering Properties of Fractal ReflectarraysCemalettin SandalcıDr. B. SakaMSc2004
18Frequency Planning Models and Algorithms for GSM NetworkBülent ÖzaslanDr. B. SakaMSc2004
19Analysis of Helical Antenna Using Method of Moments with Curved SegmentsAhmet SelçukDr. B. SakaMSc2003
20Analysis of Sierpinski Carpet Array AntennaSeçkin ERDEMDr. B. SakaMSc2001
21Analysis of Electromagnetic Structures with Finite Difference Time Domain Method and Application to the Dielectric StructuresFaruk YalçınDr. B. SakaMSc2000
22The Design of Series Fed Microstrip Antenna ArrayUğur BATURLARDr. B. SakaMSc1998

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