Solar energy panels to supply power to our department
December 10, 2014
A parking lot next to our department was converted to a power station after it was covered from the top by solar cell panels. The production data are shared on our web site in real-time.
Within a research project lead by our department's faculty member Prof. Dr. Isik Cadirci, a photovoltaic solar power station with 50 kW peak power was established and started to meet a considerable part of electrical energy demand of the building. The parking lot was covered by 648 thin-film solar panels to achieve that amount of power.

As of July 22nd 2014, the panels produced approximately 300 kWh energy in the first-day test measurements while shadowing the parking cars thereunder. The energy production data can be monitored in real-time and shared on our department's web site.

Plase click HERE to see the generated energy figures in real-time.

The solar panels are primarily used by our graduate students for their MS and PhD research activities.