Our departmentment's new annex building opened
October 3, 2015
The annex building of our department was opened with a ceremony held on October 1st, 2015. Prof.Dr. Murat Tuncer, the President of HU, and Prof.Dr. Huseyin Demircioglu, the Department Head, made speeches at the event.
Integrated to our main department, the new annex building contains 7 research laboratories, 2 educational laboratories with 60 PC's each, a 144 audience conference hall, offices, meeting hall, archive and utility rooms within its 4-storeys. The building adds an 30% extra space to the current one.

We express our gratitudes to Prof.Dr. Murat Tuncer and all academic, technical and administrative staff of our university who contributed to the realization of this project.

Hacettepe University
Dept. of EEE